Medicare or the Healthcare Industry worldwide is in urgent need to cut costs, reach out to their customers faster, meet out regulatory demands, improve staff productivity, and make operations smoother. For all this Information Technology (IT) plays a key role. IT provides communication channels and backbones to help facilitate the above.

Increased Customer satisfaction, reduction in costs, compliance to regulations is the need of the hour. AKD Infotech provides web based solutions to facilitate product and company branding, handling entire workflows between patient registration, billing and discharge, compliance and standards tracking etc. 

AKD Infotech provides advice as well as facilitates sourcing of relevant hardware which is just not based on modern trends but also on the needs and budget of the company. AKD Infotech will not hesitate to suggest a lower version of Operating system or Computer Hardware if the decision aligns with Customer needs.

Systems / Solutions and Services which can be implemented at this Industry segment –

  1. Websites / Web Portals with Online patient Tracking , Reporting
  2. Customer Complaint/Feedback Management
  3. Online Billing Management 
  4. Inventory Control Management (Major application is the Pharmacy)
  5. Attendance Tracking and Payroll Management 
  6. Employee Complaint/Feedback Management
  7. Employee Performance Management 

The above list is partial and provided as samples.

Systems catering to entire work flows in a Hospital / Health care facility are popularly termed as Hospital Management System (HMS) or Hospital Information Systems (HIS).

The above are not just restricted to Hospitals. Subsets of the above can be installed and implemented in Clinics , Pharmacies, Laboratories, Healing Centers etc

AKD Infotech teams are trained to handle almost all types of Customer requirements and business needs owing to their rich experience in handling various technologies in Software and Hardware.